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Support for Healthcare Communication


shikakuEnlightenment and Educational Programs on Diseases and Treatments/ Prevention of Diseases

Target: patients, their families and citizens who surround them

  • From founding to operating third-party educational organizations with medical professionals aimed at promoting understanding about disease and prevention
  • Planning and holding educational activities in cooperation with local governments and healthcare-related organizations
  • Planning and holding public seminars and symposia, developing promotional tools after events
  • Development of communication tools for promoting a healthy action and adopting objective ideas from key opinion leaders
  • Designing and executing patient attitude surveys and providing information based on those results to stakeholders, and specially on journalists
  • Public seminars hosted by medical nonprofit institutions 

shikakuPropose Medical Topics of social interest and mold public opinion.
   (healthcare systems, medical policy, public health, etc.)

Target: medical professionals and opinion leaders in each area, as well as related parties

  • Support for educational activities aimed towards patient groups
  • Planning and holding events that aim to develop human resources engaged in future drug discovery research 
  • Planning and holding academic workshops and lecture meetings aimed at health care professionals, creating promotional tools after events (coordination of luncheon seminars, workshops for general practitioners in each region, web communication that spreads the content of the workshops)
  • Planning and holding recent medical topic-themed events (vaccination policy, continuing medical education, etc.) in cooperation with medical organizations
  • Creation of communication tools for advocated medical policy
  • Analyzing the trends of medical related articles on a daily basis and creating relations with reporters and journalists who cover the wide range of medical fields

shikaku Communication Support for Healthcare-Related Corporations

  • Support for marketing communication (general media relations related to new product releases, etc.press releases, press conferences, etc.)
  • Support for corporate communication (“General media relations”: press releases, arranging top interviews, etc. “Advertorials on business media”, “Internal communication”: monitoring related-articles for sharing through intranet)