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Support for Healthcare Communication

In addition to providing healthcare-related information to;

  • Journalists who covers medical and healthcare fields, such as medical policy, pharmaceutical industry trends, drug development, health promotion, etc.
  • Key influencers, including medical professionals
  • Opinion leaders, such as related organizations, patient groups, government officials, academia, etc.,

we also are involved in activities to collaborate with the stakeholders listed above based on a partnership, in order to produce public consensus appropriately, in response to our clients’ needs.

shikakuEnlightenment and Educational Programs on Diseases and Treatments/ Prevention of Diseases

Target: patients, their families and citizens who surround them

shikakuPropose Medical Topics of social interest and mold public opinion. (healthcare systems, medical policy, public health, etc.)

Target: medical professionals and opinion leaders in each area, as well as related parties

shikaku Communication Support for Healthcare-Related Corporations