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Healthcare Communication Case Study

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Organizing third-parties with medical professionals to promote accurate understanding of diseases, including prevention and their treatments.
Category Cancer pain
Purpose To encourage cancer patients and their families to feel free to request better pain relief treatments from medical providers.
Content of the activity Developing ways to provide various information to the public, specifically healthcare professionals, patients and their families, in order to build an understanding of different treatments for cancer-related pain, which are not currently well known to the public.
Supporting content Founding/operating of a third-party organization consisting of medical specialists in the field of cancer pain and palliative care, efforts to disseminate various kinds of information (media relations in general, web communication, public lectures, etc.)
Other proven fields Chronic pain, birth control medication (contraceptive education), ophthalmology (eye health and education about visual performance), allergic diseases, etc.


Planning and implementing educational activities in collaboration with local governments and healthcare-related organizations
Category Preventive care for chronic diseases
Purpose To educate the importance of preventive medicine to local residents in every area and to contribute to extending their life-span, as a part of CSR activities by a pharmaceutical company, a general merchandiser and related governmental offices.
Content of the plan Holding educational and interactive events with local citizens themed on preventive medicine for chronic diseases in cooperation with local governments, local medical associations, local medical profession associations (dietetic associations, exercise instructor associations, etc.), and local merchandising facilities and shopping areas. Developing local media relations that should spread the topics to citizens in all areas of the prefectures, rather than just the participants in the events.
Supporting content Event plan proposals, negotiations and meetings with local governmental officials and cooperating organizations, operations on appointed days, proposal and development of display items, and local media relations activities.


Development of educational tools by students to encourage people to have cancer screenings, based on data collected from current cancer patients and medical professionals, which was later presented to the media in order to spread the message further.
Category Preventive healthy action for cancer
Purpose To educate local citizens who would be potential cancer patients about the importance of having cancer screenings for early detection and early treatment.
Content of the plan To organize the project team which consisted of local high school and college students who conducted student-driven research with the support of cancer-related healthcare providers and patient groups. Also, directing the team to develop educational booklets in order to drive the citizens to have cancer screenings based on their own discretion. These booklets were then distributed to peers and parents. In the process, this was shared with the local media, so that this topic was further spread in the area.
Supporting content Plan proposals, recruiting student participants, negotiations with collaborators (health care providers and patient groups), project progress and management office, and local media relations.


Support for educational activities aimed towards patient groups
Category Educational action for patients groups across the area of diseases
Purpose To raise the influence and presence of participation of patient groups with medical policy-making processes in Japan.
Content of the plan Development of information and know-how in seminars or workshops that can be utilized in activities and operations that take part in the individual organization later on (debate training, media training including mock press conferences, presentation courses, sharing information about overseas healthcare systems, etc.) These activities also function as opportunities for patient groups to exchange with others who have different diseases.
Supporting content Plan proposals for seminars and workshops, venue selection, arranging lecturers, guidance for patient groups and operations on appointed days.


Planning and holding events that aim to develop human resources engaged in future drug discovery research
Category Educational action for young researchers across the area of diseases
Purpose To develop young researchers engaged in drug discovery research, as well as to promote the importance of translational research with collaboration among industry, government, and academia.
Content of the plan Planning symposia as a part of a program that supports the development of human resources, targeting young Japanese researchers who are engaged in basic research. Keynote addresses by American and Japanese researchers from industry, government, and academia, workshops by young researchers, panel discussions, etc. Additionally, development of media relations and web communication in order to spread the information further.
Supporting content Plan proposals for symposia (programs, lecture themes, selection of cosponsors and lecturers, etc.), negotiations with various related parties and organizations, operations on appointed days, media relations, and development of web content.


Support for structuring and maintaining appropriate relations with reporters and journalists who cover the medical field
Category Media relations across the issues in medical/healthcare-related
Purpose To obtain accurate and favorable understandings from stakeholders related to the medical field, such as medical policies and healthcare systems, drug development and discovery, information about the latest treatments, etc.
Content of the plan Providing opportunities for sharing professional and/or academic information and exchanging opinions focused on themes or categories that should be needed for the clients. Planning with content based on participants’ (reporters and journalists) requests, from basics to the latest information about medical topics that are intricately connected to laws and regulations, as they are helpful for reporters/journalists to write articles and also they function as opportunities to build appropriate relationships with the clients (exchanging,
invitation-only press seminars, etc.)
Supporting content Plan proposals, negotiations with lecturers, selecting and inviting media*, operations on appointed days, following and gathering information after events.*At JC, we gather information on medical-related articles and reporters from leading media sources. Then we are continually analyzing the trends of medical related articles on a daily basis and creating relations with reporters and journalists who cover the wide range of medical fields, so that we could list the appropriate reporters and journalists at once as (for) the client’s needs.