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Employment Information

Recruitment Policy


shikakuEmphasis on diversity over experience. 

This policy involves employing people with high potential, from diverse backgrounds, regardless of their level of experience in business communication. At JC, our policy prioritizes diversity while taking care of our staff and new recruits.

As a result of our emphasis on diversity, more than 85% of our employees that provide communication support for clients are women(*). Our employees backgrounds include those who have extensive experience in alternative careers prior to joining our company, are multilingual and born and raised internationally. As a result of the exceeding respect and pride for the role of business communication support in society, and the flexible, innovative and meticulous women on our staff, we have created firm bonds of trust with many clients, developed new services on a daily basis and continue to strive to enhance our current services.

(*)As of December, 2015

What we expect in Human Resources


shikakuTo be a JC person, you need an innate disposition more than experience

JC insists on a thought of Better Small & Smart than Just Big, in order to offer the appropriate client support. At JC, we welcome people who have the following innate disposition:

  • Leadership, and the ability to work in teams: For all projects, JC employees work in teams, and when the project has started, someone may be appointed as the project leader. The person who is appointed as the leader, must grasp the overall status of the client’s communication activity, and direct the other team members in rapid and appropriate information sharing. This is why it is of a great importance that all the employees at JC have the ability to become a leader.
  • Subtlety: In the communication support field, detailed attention and responses are necessary. Above all, it is required of people in charge to engage in detail communication with patients and their families, as these people could become stakeholders in healthcare communication.
  • Able to have flexible ideas: Due to globalization, the diversification of values and the development of a rapidly advancing information infrastructure, people who are able to evolve with these changes are valuable resources to the company.
  • The ability to see the big picture and make quick decisions: The ability to fully grasp the client’s communication needs, make quick decisions on the fly, and promptly share news with team members is necessary.

Our Philosophy on the Way to Work


shikakuA team leader for every project

At JC, we assign the role of project leader to employees for each project dealing with client communication without regard to years of experience or role in the company. Even employees who have only been with the company for a few months are assigned as project leaders, though initially only with comparatively small projects. Even when the project leader is one with minimal experience, we add employees with abundant experience to the team to help, so that the quality of the service to our clients never suffers. Rather, the inexperienced project leader will direct the team without bias and with adaptable ideas that don’t conform to the established methodology. An emphasis is placed on the merits that are linked to the development of new services. We believe that this environment leads to an accumulation of experience, which in turn is connected to the growth of our employees.

JC members


  • For a particular client, employee A becomes the project leader and directs B, C, D, and E.

  • On a different project, C is the leader, and directs A, B, D, and E.

Work-Life Balance


The ability of our employees to get the job done with speed, accuracy, and high quality within their set working hours, and the continual stepping up that comes from the growth of those abilities are based on the premise of an ideal business.

For that reason, in order to achieve this:

  • We do not work overtime, unless there is unexpected work with a high sense of urgency. Even without overtime, we place emphasis on acquiring concentration, skills, and planning abilities that allow our employees to work on multiple projects at the same time.

Everyday, we kick into high gear during the set working hours so that each employee can spend time outside of work in a way that matches their interests and lifestyles.

  • Outside of the fixed days off, we also effectively utilize paid days off, and encourage our employees to refresh themselves.
  • Due to the nature of services we manage, there are many events on a day off (Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, etc.), such as lecture presentations, symposiums, etc. However, we ensure that compensatory days off that are decided beforehand are taken.

Including the above and more, we highly value the enhancement of the work-life balance from a strategic business standpoint. We have also introduced a system to offer incentives to employees who demonstrate consistency in their performance of tasks, while maintaining a responsible work-life balance by taking advantage of the vacation days made available.

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