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Corporate Philosophy

Japan Counselors is a problem-solving partner who thinks about the concepts of strategic communication activities, and supports the implementation of those concepts with our corporate and group clients.

We have adopted the following philosophy in order to steadily provide a high-quality service to our clients in the area of communication support that requires a flexible, timely, and prompt response.

JC gives priority to the enhancement and innovation of services, by hiring staff with optimal potential and by helping them improve their individual abilities, rather than increasing the size of the organization, or rapidly expanding business operations.

The key to providing incessant services, is to create a team structure where sharing information and passing down of knowledge among staff is a must.

JC also values a corporate culture that is always aiming for a better environment, which encourages individuals to improve their abilities and awake their leadership.


We aim to be a flexible group of communication strategists who can rapidly respond to the changing needs in any age.


We continuously consider how to solve problems that our clients deal with through communication, and support their activities, helping to deepen the stakeholders’ understanding of our client’s value, and contributing to enhancing that value.


We have a wealth of knowledge about healthcare and business-to-business communication that strives for a healthy, long-lasting society, as well as business growth and permanent sustainability for our clients that supports the realization of this society. In addition, we have a corporate culture backed by a tradition where our knowledge continually evolves.