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Business-to-Business Communication Case Study

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Communication activities aimed at foreign stake holders, such as institutional investors, etc. 
*Support aimed at publicly-traded corporations
Purpose To promote corporate understanding aimed at foreign stake holders.
A. Support for translation of press releases into English as contents uploaded on a client’s website in English.
Content of  the plan Topics that likely have influence on the foreign market, selected from the client’s Japanese website and translated into English from the viewpoint of a journalist who has experience with a leading foreign financial paper as a correspondent in Japan.
B. Handling the publishing of corporate advertising to leading internet business media.
Content of  the plan Publishing of corporate advertising to foreign leading internet business media and tracking the status on page-views, in order to improve the clients’ communication activities overseas.


Corporate Introduction – Production and Publication of a business book
Purpose To have direct promotion of understanding aimed at the client’s business targets and those within the company, as well as promoting indirectly the improvement of corporate reliability.
Content of the plan Production and Publication of a Corporate Introduction business book, utilizing the name value and reliability of a leading business publisher.
Support From planning to publishing, as well as general production from post-publication until the development of the 2nd edition.


Project planning and operations for a continuous CSR activities program
Purpose To prevent science phobia in children, and to help nurturing human resources that will have a key role in the future of Japan. A program that fuses societal needs (educational issues in Japan with a decrease in aspiring students in math and science) with the client’s CSR needs (the desire to develop social action programs in areas relevant to the business).
Planned content Holding an experimental classroom nationwide, in cooperation with NPOs held during the elementary school summer vacations each year. We provided opportunities to Children so that they could gain an interest in science through handmade experiments, etc., and experience the feeling of joy from discovering something on their own. Events were also held simultaneously between several cities, connected by satellite communications.
Support Project planning, experimental program development, negotiations with cooperating organizations, and operations on the appointed day.


Risk Management Communications
Purpose To smoothly advance media responses during client corporation emergencies.
Planned content
  1. Creating scenarios that simulate emergencies that could happen, and media training based on those scenarios (simulated emergency interviews, creating various materials, etc.)
  2. Creating emergency publication manuals, and maintaining public information systems.
Support Consulting on project planning (program development), scenario creation, operations on appointed days, manual creation and maintenance of public information systems.
Proven track record Medical and pharmaceutical industries.