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Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy was set up as follows by Japan Counselors Inc. (hereafter JC). We thoroughly strive for all of our employees to be aware of the importance of privacy protection, and we continue to strive to protect personal information.

JC collects personal information mainly through our communication consulting business based on operating agreements with our clients, but regardless of the shape form it may be, we take extreme caution when handling all personal information.

shikakuManagement and Protection of Personal Information

JC manages collected personal information safely and correctly, and only JC and the involved client(s) have access to the information. JC also takes appropriate measure to prevent and correct any unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, or leaks, and strictly manages all personal information.

shikakuPurposes for Use of Personal Information

JC does not use the provided personal information for any uses other than for the purposes described when the information is provided (for contacting clients, business information, answering questions, etc.).

shikakuReleasing or Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties is Prohibited

JC appropriately manages the provided personal information, and absolutely does not release or share any personal information with third parties, except in the following cases:

  1. If there is an appeal based on laws or ordinances
  2. If there is customer consent
  3. If it is necessary to release information to a company entrusted with carrying out a service requested by the client
shikakuSafety Measures for Personal Information

JC keeps all employees informed about ensuring strictness and safety with regards to personal information. JC also takes all possible measures towards administrative security.

shikakuPersonal Inquires

If the customer wishes to ask about his/her own personal information, or wishes to have the information edited or deleted, JC will handle the matter after verifying the identity of the customer.

shikakuLaws and Ordinances, and Compliance and Revision of Rules

JC will comply with Japanese laws and ordinances that apply to the personal information that it possesses, and may properly revise the contents of this policy, striving for improvements of the policy.

shikakuFor Inquiries

For inquires about the handling of personal information, please contact JC with the following information.

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