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Basic Thoughts on Media Relations

No Need to Razzle-Dazzle in Media Relations! 


At JC, we put emphasis on the ideal environment surrounding a corporation or organization in media relations’ activities. Therefore, we are sure that the continuance of building honest and simple relationships with key media is a possible shortcut to achieve substantial and sustainable outcomes. Although there may be novel techniques that generate higher noise-levels among the public in an instant, it may not mean “media relations” from the original sense of its term.

There are no tricky moves that can help a corporation or organization with its media relations activities.

JC offers support that focuses on creating and preparing an appropriate media relations environment for the client, including negotiations with individual journalists, and we pursue the constant molding of public opinion that conforms according to the business objectives.

shikakuThe Flow of Media-Relations Activities’ Support

The Flow of Media-Relations

shikakuWhy media?

Mass Media is one of the stakeholders that have much leverage over a corporation or organization’s business. At the same time, it would influence the other stakeholders, such as customers, investors and employees, to evaluate the value of the corporation or organization. As we think that Mass Media plays the largest role out of all the stakeholders, it is positioned as the most important from the standpoint of information management in a corporation or organization.