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Support for Business-to-Business Communication


shikakuPromoting Corporate Understanding Aimed at Overseas and Domestic Stakeholders (External)

  • Communication activities aimed at foreign stakeholders centered on institutional investors
    • support for creating English content on the corporate website aimed at overseas stakeholders (translations of press releases by a translator with experience as a foreign correspondent in Japan at major overseas media)
    • Support for corporate advertisements on leading business media, including overseas media and the internet.
  • Producing and publishing of Company Introduction business books through leading business related publishers, taking advantage of  their reliability.

shikakuCSR-Related Activities (External)

  • Project planning and operations for constant CSR activity programs (Continuously holding science events to encourage children’s interest on the importance of science, etc.)

shikakuCrisis Management Communication and Governance-Related Policies (Internal)

  • Media training from the perspective of crisis management that focuses on simulated scenarios about potential situations that could happen to the client.
  • Support for various crisis management information (developing emergency manuals, consulting for the preparation of emergency information systems, etc.)
  • Advice about The ideal style of corporate governance

shikakuCorporate Communication Support

Continuous monitoring of related news and media relations in general, including the activities to keep appropriate relations with the journalists stationed at clients-related Press clubs.