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Support for Business-to-Business Communication

We offer advice and support for communication strategies with the goal of developing business activities and maintaining and advancing sustainability for our clients. We also support the preparation, restructuring, and maintenance of a media-relations environment that encourages obtaining accurate understandings.

shikakuPromoting Corporate Understanding Aimed at Overseas and Domestic Stakeholders (External)
shikakuCSR-Related Activities (External)
shikakuCrisis Management Communication and Governance-Related Policies (Internal)
  • Media training from the perspective of crisis management that focuses on simulated scenarios about potential situations that could happen to the client.
  • Support for various crisis management information (developing emergency manuals, consulting for the preparation of emergency information systems, etc.)
  • Advice about The ideal style of corporate governance, which rapidly leads most of major Japanese companies to high requirements and arranging lecturers and/or advisors for corporate training (*planned)
shikakuCorporate Communication Support

Continuous monitoring of related news and media relations in general, including the activities to keep appropriate relations with the journalists stationed at clients-related Press clubs.