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Valuable Group of Communication Strategists

Aiming to be a Valuable Communication Strategists Group, that Focuses on Healthcare Communication and Business Communication
shikakuOur mission for the changing needs

We are covering even more ground with the ever growing communication needs of corporations and organizations due to the hectic changes in the social environment, such as the rapid changes in demographics in Japan and other developed nations (super-aging society), the adoption of IT infrastructure, the diversification of values and the globalization of the economy.

From these needs, JC considers the following themes as top priority:

・The realization of a healthy, long-lasting society

・Permanent sustainability of our clients, which would enrich the entire society in many ways through various business activities.

JC offers communication services for business solutions that every organization and corporation addresses, and this is connected to the realization of the two points above. We believe this is our social mission.

shikaku“Genes” created by our mindsets focused on a strategic communication

From half a century since our founding, foreign companies and organizations have accounted for over 3/4 of our major clients.

We are gradually accumulating our own policies and knowledge by continually responding to the need for thinking more strategically about communication, rather than a tactical implementation of our Services. Our company was fostered through this, and even now, we continue to inherit knowledge.

With the globalization surrounding corporations and organizations rooted in the current times, these policies and knowledge continue to evolve daily, and flexibly correspond to the needs and issues of foreign and domestic companies, creating the “genes” that generate various services at the same time.

shikakuOffering services specific to healthcare and business-to-business

In recent years, JC has taken on a social duty by offering services that make use of the knowledge and approach about strategic communication. We have shifted our focus to areas of client support that must contribute to: healthcare communication and business-to-business communication. We strive to enhance our services every day.